In a prim and propah city, you find men dressed in the best of clothes, groomed to the hilt. All that grooming needs the best barbers in London to get you your sleekest of haircuts and the sharpest of fades. Now, that may sound simple, but we know it’s not. It’s close to impossible to find those amazing barbers in this big city. So here you go, discovered just for you, from all the nooks and corners, the best barbers in London. Because wearing the right shirt and suits is not enough. A good haircut can make a ton of difference.


12 Best Barbers in London | Reviews, Cost, and Ratings

In a prim and propah city, you find men dressed in the best of clothes, groomed to the hilt. All that grooming needs the best barbers in London to get you your sleekest of haircuts and the sharpest of fades.

Now, that may sound simple, but we know it’s not. It’s close to impossible to find those amazing barbers in this big city. So here you go, discovered just for you, from all the nooks and corners, the best barbers in London. Because wearing the right shirt and suits is not enough. A good haircut can make a ton of difference.

Best Barbers in London 2021

SalonsLocationHaircuts Starting At
RXB Barbers South London20 GBP
Pall Mall Barbers Trafalgar Square, King’s Cross. Paddington30 GBP
MühleNewburgh Street55 GBP
Truefitt and HillWestminster50 GBP
Alfred DunhillMayfair50 GBP
Adam Grooming AtelierOxford Street35 GBP
Jones & PayneShoreditch55 GBP
Joe & CoSoho48 GBP
ManifestoFarringdon45 GBP
Slider CutsHolloway20 GBP
Huckle The BarberBloomsbury and Holborn22 GBP
Murdock LondonConvent Garden45 GBP

RXB Barbers – South London


One of the best barber shops is London, RXB owes its great reputation to the excellent customer service. There is wifi, the ambience is soothing, and the hair dressers are friendly.

Plus, this hair salon is only a short walk from the Oval tube station in South London. So that’s another point for convenience.

RBX specializes in fades and stylish, sculpted beards. But they are also experts at a classic scissor cut. From traditional to uber modern, whatever your style is, you can get it at this salon.

Short on cash? No worries there mate. Ask for an apprentice, they do your hair for free.

RBX customer reviews:

“My first experience was RXB was for a beard trim. I left looking like a movie star, the barber clearly worked wonders. So skillful! I always feel happy and content after visiting RBX. It’s the only place I go to for hair cuts. It’s great value for your money. This place is simply excellent!” – Matthew James

Pall Mall Barbers – Trafalgar Square, London

pall mall barbers

As they were established in 1856, Pall Mall is not only among the hottest barber shops in London, they are also the oldest. With their wood paneling and heavy leather barber chairs, this traditional barber shop gives the impression of an old-timey gents club.

Pall Mall barbers have now cropped up in lots of locations in London, including Westminster, Trafalgar square, Convent Garden and King’s Cross.

Cuts start from GBP 30

Mühle – Newburgh Street, London

hottest barber shops

This modern salon in Soho, London W1 is every man’s dream of luxury and pampering. While most newer salons try to achieve that old world charm, Mühle takes pride in being modern, and being known for their razor sharp cuts and amazing massages.

As you step into the salon you are engulfed with a rich fragrance of the hair products like shaving foam and massage creams that instantly calms and soothes you, while your eyes take in the uncountable products lining the walls. Mühle takes its job very seriously.

Partnering with Gillette, these barbers use only the safest razors possible to make sure that there are no unwanted nips and cuts on your skin. When you’re here for a haircut, do give their arm and leg massages a try. We assure you, you will be lulled into a deep sleep in those comfortable chairs and won’t be in a hurry to get out. 

Cuts start from GBP 55

Mühle Customer reviews:

“Always a quality product and great overall experience with Elliot at MUHLE. Expert cutting and shaving surrounded by antique cabinetry and great looking shaving products. All good.” – Gareth E.

“Elliot has been my barber now for over 3 years, and I wouldn’t have anyone else cut and style my hair. The passion, focus and warmth Elliot brings to my appointment is my monthly treat. I have recommended him to all of my closest friends and colleagues and with the new space of MÜHLE, this perfectly suits Elliots fresh, bright and welcoming personality. Highly recommended.”- Lee C.

Truefitt and Hill  – Westminister, London

best barber in east london

If you want to be treated like a royal, head over to Truefitt Hill. These barbers need no introduction as they are popular not just in London, but across the world for their appointment as the Royal family’s personal barbers since 1805.

Now that’s as far as history can go when it comes to the perfect haircuts and the smoothest of shaves! Their services are indeed fit for royalty and so is the salon. Walk into the salon and you are greeted with plush mahogany cabinets, crystal clear glass shelves, comfortable seating and warm lighting.

Laden with the best quality in shaving brushes, foams, creams and other hair care products, this is a high street salon through and through. A basic haircut starts at GBP 50.

Or you can choose one of Truefitt Hill’s pampering packages for which you will pay a royal fee, but trust us, it will be worth every single penny. And when you’re finished with their barber service, pick up one of their luscious perfumes to treat yourself a little extra. 

Cuts start from GBP 50

Customer reviews:

“The closest you’ll ever feel to royalty. Outstanding service.”- Jack Podvin

“Truefitt and Hill is all the best bits of our countries rich history condensed into one place. The experience from the moment you walk through the door until the moment you leave is fantastic. Many thanks to all the staff, your knowledge and professionalism is second to none! Will definitely be back In the future!” – Danny Packham

Dunhill The Spa & Barber at Bourbon House – Mayfair, London

best barbers hounslow

A well known name in the fashion industry, Alfred Dunhill has yet another feather in its cap for its high end salon and barbers who are experts in what they do.

Dunhill proves that this is not just another barbershop in London, even as you walk from the street into the salon. An easy to find, central location! It’s primarily a treat for all your senses, and your haircut and shave is just an add on.

The comfortable seating, the warmly lit interiors, the magazines and coffee table books to flip through, a variety of top notch male grooming products plus the welcome drinks and the hospitality of the staff set this salon apart.

Opt for a simple trim or go for an elaborate re-style, wet shave, hot towel face massage package. Whatever you choose, you will love the service. 

Cuts start from GBP 50

Customer reviews:

“Great experience. The entire team make you feel welcome from start to finish. Wonderful complimentary drinks, relaxed atmosphere but most important are the highly skilled barbers who really take care of you. I saw Alberto who turned me from a scruff to a well-heeled man. Would recommend him to anyone.”- John Makin-Shaw

“A fantastic experience. Had a barber experience with Antonio yesterday who was superb and was worth every single penny. Left feeling like a new man. Just spoil yourself!”- Chris Wood

Adam Grooming Atelier – Oxford Street

murdock london

This is a space where you want to spend time, relaxing and rejuvenating while the creme de la creme work on you, grooming you to bring out your finest.

Having won many awards, Adam Grooming Atelier is worth every minute and every pound you spend here. These barbers use the best of old-world methods and the newer techniques to give their clients high precision trims and the smoothest of wet shaves.

Be it a regular haircut or a hot towel massage, you can be sure you will walk out of there looking very dapper. Their store holds a wide range of male grooming products that are so deliciously scented that you would be tempted to use them every day. Priced in the mid-premium range, Adam Grooming Atelier is worth paying a visit, in any of the branches across the city. 

Cuts start from GBP35

Customer reviews:

“I went into the Fitzrovia branch yesterday, for a skin fade hair cut. Had an amazing time, the barber took his time giving me the perfect haircut. I was a happy customer and very happy with my new hair!”- Umair

“I went to Adam’s Cabot Square today and the service was exceptional. Mehmet who happens to be the owner did an incredible job. I went for a simple hair cut but got my eyebrows cleaned, ear hair removed with fire flames and in the end everything was topped up with a hot towel with a shoulder massage.”- SK

Jones & Payne  – Shoreditch, London

best men's hairdressers shoreditch

If you want to be groomed like a catwalk model, look no further than Jones & Payne. In an old city like London where every popular barbershop has a deep and long history, Jones & Payne is a young and new artist who has managed to make it through innovation, creativity and hard work.

What works for them is the fact that the stylists don’t rush through your appointment. Every customer is given a full hour to discuss the style, recommend what suits, and then the actual treatment is carried out.

They always make sure that the customer walks out feeling like a million bucks. The stylists are trained every week in newer techniques and older techniques are brushed up to make sure that they are up to date.

This is what has led them to the biggest ramp walks in the fashion industry as well. Situated in Curtain Road, this customer-centric salon is swanky and modern. 

Cuts start from GBP55

Customer reviews:

“Just had the best haircut with Beth, I left feeling so good and had such a good time while at Jones & Payne. Beth did such a beautiful job and was so kind. I’ll definitely be back! All the staff were lovely and I also had a fab hair wash/head massage and pot of tea which was the icing on the cake to a great visit. Would highly recommend to anyone.Thank you Beth and Jones & Payne!” – Persia Amelia

“Conner did my cut and blowdry and I was BEYOND happy with the results. I’ve never had a blowdry last longer than a few hours and this blowdry is still going strong on day 2! Loved the cut too, totally perfect, and the great chat. Conner you rock! Also shout-out to Raul who washed my hair (the head massage was dreamy!) and made me feel so at home. Loved my first J&P experience and can’t wait to return x”- Natalie Hughes

Joe & Co  – Soho, London

best barbers in london

A cool barbershop in the midst of some fancy cafes in Soho is Joe & Co. Fairly recent when compared to the other older barbershops in London, Joe Co. has established itself as a modern stylist. They are, in fact, among the best barbers in London.

These barbers specialise in giving you some real stylish cuts and if you love experimenting, this is the place for you. The team of well-trained stylists by the celebrity groomer Joe Mills leaves no stone unturned to make sure you have a contemporary experience.

There’s conversation, drinks, and hair. All of which makes you feel like you’re stepping out of a magazine cover. From on-point beard trims to close fades, these London guys can give you perfection. 

Cuts start at GBP 48

Customer Reviews:

“Having not had my hair done in a long time, and anxious to go somewhere that could do a good job on long men’s hair, I’m delighted to have found this place. Jamie did a great job talking through what I was after, explaining what he was going to do, and generally advising me. Really impressed with the service and the haircut itself. Highly recommended!” – David Watts

“I went to Joe and Co for the first time yesterday.  They could not have been more friendly.  Jamie did a fantastic job on my beard and gave me a great haircut – the best and I was really pleased.  I am looking forward to going back in 3 weeks time.  Many thanks” – Martin Syms

Manifesto – Farringdon, London

gentleman's barber london

If you’re tired of fussy old gents doing fussy old haircuts, try Manifesto. It’s one of the best barbers in London. Located in Heather Lane, Farringdon, this salon has a modern, contemporary feel to it.

You won’t find any wood panellings here. The salon’s been designed with teal and black matte interiors. And the ambient lightings give it the feel of a pub or a bar rather than a hair salon.

True to its suave ambience, Manifesto offers a wide range of packages, trims, and hair cuts. There’s even a Dandy package that gives patrons a shot of whiskey along with salon services. If you want to chill out after you’ve sampled their range of services, there’s even a coffee shop!

One of the best barbers in London, this salon offers organic skin care brands such as Haeckles. And the popular hair care brand Bumble & Bumble.

Cuts start at GBP 45

“This place is just the best. It’s my place is my favourite for more than 2 years. And let me tell you, the service is perfect. The hair dressers are detailed and courteous. And the hair cuts are reasonably priced. I love going to Stuart in particular. He’s more an artist than a hair stylist. It baffles me why men would choose to go any place other than this.

The free drinks and hair rinse is always worth mentioning. You get that even after a basic hair cut and the quality is amazing too! – Nathan

Slider Cuts – Holloway, London


One of the best Afro barbers in London, Slider cuts enjoys some A-list celebrity clients. Want to get your hair cut the same place Tinie Tempah and Reggie Yates get theirs? This is the place for you! I mean just look at the client list.

And the best part is you don’t have to empty your wallet while getting your mane styled. The hair cuts start at just 20 pounds. Isn’t that a steal?

Whether you want a low-cut, fade out, or a classic style, the founder Mark Maciver and his team of barbers are experts at it all. The Mohican and patterns being the most requested styles.

Cuts start at GBP 20

Huckle The Barber – Bloomsbury

This barber shop was created by founder Chris Ward to give the best customer experience along with shaving and grooming consultation. These master barbers can be found right in the middle of Shoreditch and Lambs Conduit Street.

Along with in-depth consultation about your hair, these master barbers are also adept at friendly conversation. What we loved most about these barbers is the quality of haircuts takes precedence over all the frill and show. The interiors are done in a 80s style fashion. The vintage furniture is testament to its old school values.

Cuts start at GBP 22

Murdock London – Convent Garden

Unlike Huckle the Barber, Murdock has a totally contemporary and luxury feel. It’s the sort of place you’d expect famous celebrities to go for their luxury shaving experience. You can find Murdock at Convent Garden, Soho, Regent Street, Sloane Street and other locations. However, we have to say that the Convent Garden one has been our favorite so far.

The talented barbers offer you a wide range of services. Whether it’s an immersive shave, a full-package with bespoke shaving products for a wedding, or a quick trim, these barbers offer the highest quality haircuts.

Cuts start at GBP 45

The next time you visit London you know where to go for a perfect haircut. From Carnaby street to Convent Garden and the West End – we’ve got your hair styling needs sorted! Go for these awesome barbers in London for you next grooming service, and we promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

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