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12 British Men’s Casual Fashion Trends | How to dress like a British Man

British celebrities are some of the best dressed men in the world. So we’re looking to them for inspiration for the British men’s casual fashion trends. From Harry Styles to Matt Smith, here’s what your favorite celebs are wearing

Take a walk on the streets of London and you see some real dapper looking dudes. That’s when you realise, this is one well dressed city. Brit men have the knack of looking well put so effortlessly. Let’s take a page out of their book and discover the latest British men’s casual fashion trends

British men’s casual fashion trends inspired by celebtries

Fashion TrendsTop BuyPrice
Colorful BoxershortsMen’s Silk Golf Graphic Boxer Shorts$19.95
Extra PocketsAmazon Essentials Men’s Utility Jacket$28.36
Silky SatinMen’s Luxury Shiny Silk Like Satin Button Up Dress Shirts$19.95
Sheer OutfitsMen’s Sexy See Through Mesh Long Sleeve Dress Shirt$17.95
Floral Patterned OutfitsStandard-Fit 100% Cotton Hawaiian Shirt$16.15
Ortho sandalsMen’s Slip Resistant Sandal with Dual Density Comfort$44.99
Sporty LookFruit of the Loom Men’s Tag-Free Tank A-Shirt$9.39
Biker LookMotorcycle Premium Natural Buffalo Leather Jacket$129.99
Matching Two-PiecesHawaiian Short Sleeve Shirt Suits$37.99
PinstripesMen’s Black Cook Pants with White Fine Pinstripe$29.04
Dad T-shirtsMen’s Long Sleeve Rugby Polo$23.95

Try Boxershorts like Richard Biedul

fashion trends for men in London

We have a winner here. Boxer shorts are the most comfortable, and we’re yet to come across men who don’t love to lounge in them all day long. Well, it’s time to rejoice as the British have found a way to make this look fashionable.

You can now wear them outside and look super cool, in vogue. Boxer shorts are trending in the International fashion scene with men wearing plain or colourful shorts paired with tee shirts and casual shirts, keeping them cool (both looking as well as feeling) this summer.

Wear them in cotton, satin, silk or any fabric of your choice to rock the streets!

Here are some outfits to check out uber cool boxer shorts that can be worn as regular outdoor wear:

boxers casual fashion trends
shorts casual fashion trends

Go crazy with pockets like Riz Ahmed

pockets casual british fashion trends

Everybody loves pockets. We’re yet to come across someone who doesn’t like the ridiculous number of pockets in his shirts or pants.

This love for pockets has now become the chosen fashion trend of the British men. Well, no one’s complaining. Pockets on shirts, pockets on trousers, pockets on shorts, pockets even on coats and jackets.

Symmetric pockets, asymmetric pockets. Pockets in the same color as the outfit or in a contrasting colour. Just wear outfits with lots of pockets and you’re good to go!

best fashion trends for men in London
coats with pockets casual british fashion trends

Get the Silky Satin look like Bill Nighy

latest british casual fashion trends

Women discovered the pleasures of this fabric centuries ago. From those ooh so silky satin nightgowns to evening dresses, to even satin pillowcases, this luxury fabric has always been a hit with women.

Now, finally, men have bravely gotten on the luxury boat and you see satin everywhere as you walk through London. This smooth, glossy fabric is now trending with giving men the feeling that they are on the catwalk.

This season, wear satin shirts paired with regular trousers or go all the way with satin crop jackets and harem pants to feel pampered. With the boxer shorts trending, you could get some satin ones as well. 

Sheer casual fashion trends like Alex Turner

sheer casual fashion trends for men in britain

This is another fast catching trend. This season, be prepared to see a lot of sheer, be it shirts, coats, vests or jackets.

While sheer clothing took a step back a few years ago, it’s now back with a bang.

If you are bold enough, wear a mesh vest or a see-through shirt with a pair of white cargos to be in trend with the British guys.

All the top designers are designing some fancy sheer stuff for the celebs of the world, so check out these links to get yours soon. 

best casual fashion trends

Floral Patterned Outfits ala Harry Styles

british men's shirts
top british men's clothing

That’s right. These have made a comeback and how!

Think young, vibrant and fun when you shop for some bowling shirts to rock in, this season. Wear them in cotton or linen to have them flow over your body as you get out in the sun.

Go nuts choosing patterns that really appeal to you, and they could be pastels or in colours that are flashy, cos these are the ones the models on the runway are wearing right now.

Wear it buttoned up or with the buttons undone for that retro hot look. You can team these with shorts or trousers, whatever you like.

If you don’t like it flashy like Harry Styles, go the Charlie Sheen way and wear them striped. 

This seller has a wide range of bowling shirts for you to choose from. 

shirts for british men

Ortho sandals british men’s casual fashion trends 

sandals casual british fashion trends

Yup, you read it right. This year’s top trending items all seem to be doubling on comfort so that’s a definite Yay!

Your feet carry you all day and they deserve some attention. Orthopaedic sandals are amazing to slip your feet into and you can keep them on all day long.

And the chunkier, the better. All the top designer brands are now making them and all the popular celebrities have been spotted wearing them.

Wear them with any casual outfit and keep them as soft and comfy as possible. You could even wear them with socks if you like, or wear them without socks to keep your feet cool in the summer.

Check out this products for some pretty fancy looking orthopaedic sandals:

accessories for men in britain

Vests and sportsy look like Stormzy 

casual men's fashion

Whether it’s sheer or in satin, or any other fabric, the vest is ‘in’ this season. An item of clothing that was shunned at one point is now making waves in the fashion scene, and how!

Right from the ramp walk to the superstar celebs to normal guys on the streets, everybody’s wearing these now.

And the best part – you can wear it on anything, be it boxer shorts or cargos or harem pants.

The biggest designers are putting a twist on these with pockets and getting creative with various fabrics. 

Look for vests in the links below to get a piece of this British fashion trend. 

vests casual british fashion trends

Biker Jackets like Charlie Heaton

top styles for british men

Biker jackets have been synonymous with “hot” and “badass”, thanks to the movies of the ’70s and ’80s.

They never seem to go out of style and they’re here to stay. Get yourself a well fitting biker jacket in leather or faux leather, plain or embellished, in black, of course.

Team this up with some skinny black jeans and chunky black boots to complete the look. If you don’t want to do the all black outfit, you can go medium badass with a neat pair of jeans or cargo pants as well.

Check out the links below for some biker jackets to add to your wardrobe this season. We love the ones embellished with rhinestones. 

men's trends in britain

Go matchy-matchy like Gully Guy Leo

men's brirish men trends

What would’ve once been frowned upon is what the British men have brought back into top fashion.

Coordinated sets are in rage right now with matching shirts and trousers, coordinated tee shirt and boxer sets or sweats and jogging pants.

Of course, you can match your denim as the ’70s did, but we encourage you to get a bit experimentative and try some prints.

Again, silk is a popular fabric here. Well, who wouldn’t want to live in that every single day?

Check out these amazing coordinated sets for you to choose from:

swimsuits for men in britain
latest men's fashion trends british

Pinstripe trousers like Matt Smith

stripes for british men

Finally, we have a classic that never seems to go out of trend no matter which year, which season.

But, there’s a small difference here. While pinstripes are usually considered a formal, dressy print, the Brit men have taken it to the casual level.

Wear pinstripe trousers with a sweater or a tee-shirt instead of the solid shirt and take it one step further by pairing this outfit with a neat pair of sneakers.

Tousled hair and a 3-day stubble gives you the much desired “just out of bed, threw on the first thing I found” look in a very attractive way. 

latest fashion trends for british men

T shirts like Oliver Spencer

tshirts casual fashion trends for men

Rugby shirts will have a soft corner in the hearts of British men and this season, they are proving it right.

Every British man has fond memories of his childhood weekend evenings spent playing a game of rugby followed by the traditional family treat at the closest ice cream parlour.

Follow it up years later with the same game, but followed by victory drinks at the pub with friends.

The soft fabric and the way the shirts fit are all about making you feel at home. This is now in fashion so get yourself some rugby shirts and pair them with some cargo pants to look as good as you feel. 

cheap men's clothing in london

Leather Outfits like Zayn Malik

Biker jackets and now you have leather pants. It might seem impractical to be wearing leather in the summer but this trend is catching on with the British fashionable guys wearing them loose cut.

The leather also seems to be thinner so it feels a lot more comfortable and cooler than the tight ones that end up burning up your legs. In fact, some of these leather pants manufactured by the top brands even look like regular cotton pants. 

These pants seem to be versatile as you can pair them with tee shirts or those famous satin shirts. If you’re bold enough, you could even team these pants up with the leather jacket you own. 

Check out these pair of leather pants that you could add to your collection of clothes this season:

leather casual men's fashion trends

What do British men wear? 

Like men from other countries, British men don’t have one single fashion trend but there is a popular one. Drumroll… 

Trousers are one apparel, British men are most acclimated to. Most of them love the lighter color palette including beige, turquoise, grey, and white.

How do you dress like a British gentleman? 

Here’s the starter pack into looking like a British gentleman. 

  • British men are mostly seen with jackets. It does not matter if it’s leather or another hard fabric as long as it is constructed in a rigid manner. 
  • British men LOVE an adornment. A scarf is very popular and looks extremely elegant on the jacket that we already mentioned. 
  • Who doesn’t like a nice leather belt to go with the entire outfit? It adds up to the class and sophistication that British men are known for. 

There you go!

You might think fast fashion is ridiculous and a pain to keep up with, but hey, it’s also a lot of fun. Who wants to wear the same old, same old boring clothes mixed and matched all the time?

Britain is not only a major capital of commerce but also one of the biggest fashion hubs of the world. Try out some of the trends listed above and get on board the “chic” train.

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