Lululemon Legging Dupes

Buying Lululemon Legging Dupes – What I think

Lululemon’s beginnings can be traced back to a design studio moonlighting as a yoga studio in Vancouver, and before long they had a store set up in the year 2000, primarily selling women’s attire for yoga workouts. The brand is heavily influenced by the ancient practice, keeping healthy living in mind. Yoga causes perspiration and requires flexibility, both of which were kept in mind while the designers worked on creating new products under this brand. 

Their first setup was not only a store to buy workout apparel, but also a community hub for yoga enthusiasts. Today, these hubs are also present in their stores all around the world. They inculcated a practice of interacting with customers, guests, physical coaches and athletes to learn first-hand what their products have to provide. Continuous feedback allowed the designers to create a brand that soon came to be the go-to label for women’s yoga apparel.

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Lululemon now makes apparel designed for running, cycling and training as well. What sets lululemon leggings apart is the sheer durability and comfort that comes from the materials used, position of cuts and stitches, and sizing. A major component they use is Lycra, which is a material known for its comfort, fit and shape retention. 

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CRZ Yoga Leggings

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90 Degree Leggings

Queenieke Leggings

Colorfulkoala Leggings

How to pick out the best Lululemon dupes online

Since leggings are a fairly common item, you may come across brands on Amazon listing products that look very similar to lululemon leggings. The first thing to look through is customer reviews, but here are a few extra things to consider while figuring out if they would be a good choice:

  1. Materials used

Most good quality brands use polyester and spandex for their products, with spandex making up for at least 25% of the mix. You will be able to identify the materials used in the product description section on Amazon. 

  1. Sweat absorbing properties

Leggings are often used for workouts, and sellers on Amazon mention if their products can keep you from feeling uneasy during workouts due to perspiration. 

  1. Squat-proofing

Working out in the gym or a group may cause awkward moments to occur if your leggings aren’t entirely squat-proof, so make sure that sellers and reviews on Amazon mention that the leggings are 100% squat-proof. 

  1. Prices
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Most leggings that don’t carry a high-profile label on them don’t cost more than $30 to $35 on the higher end. So, make sure to not pay a lot while picking out a pair of leggings online. 

  1. Sizes

Many manufacturers use similar size charts that correspond to Small, Medium and other sizes to the waist and hip measurements, which you can check under each listing that is available on Amazon. 

  1. Colours and Patterns

Although leggings are a simple piece of clothing, they are available in a lot of colours and patterns that allow customers to have a wide range of choices. If you want your leggings to look identical to authentic lululemon products, you can ensure choosing the colours or patterns that are available on the brand’s website and pick those. 

Five brands selling lululemon leggings dupes on Amazon

Social media has seen a spike in trends such as #lululemondupes, that have allowed consumers to pick out lululemon replica leggings at online marketplaces such as Amazon. You may also come across influences on TikTok and Instagram vouching for these dupes, adding a great amount of accountability for the manufacturers. 

Here are a few brands that sell lululemon legging knockoffs at great prices on Amazon!

CRZ Yoga

Replicating lululemon’s Align series and priced under $30, the Women’s Naked Feeling Workout Leggings by CRZ Yoga come highly recommended and are backed by 4.5 stars from 23k ratings on Amazon. The fabric feels quite light on the skin, so much so that you may forget you are wearing them at all. It is ideal for yoga and other workouts, and also has 29% spandex to add to the elasticity and comfort. It is available in 38 different shades and has size options from XXS to XL. The waistband is wide and smooth, causing no lines along your abdomen – and also has a pocket attached to it as an added benefit. 

Check it out on Amazon here!


The Wunder Under High-Rise Tights by lululemon is priced around $100, while the Aoxjox provides a product almost identical at just $22-$30. The Women’s High Waist Workout Gym Vital Seamless Leggings Yoga Pants by Aoxjox is a high-waisted fit that is most ideal for casual wear. Since they aren’t entirely sweat-proof, you would do well to avoid them during high-intensity workouts. The seamless waistband is stretchy along the tummy, while at the same time providing a flowing outlook to your attire. They aren’t entirely squat-proof either, making the Aoxjox the perfect choice for casual wear as opposed to wearing while training. 

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Check it out on Amazon here!

90 Degree

Another Wunder Under ripoff, 90 Degree’s Reflex High Waist Squat Proof Ankle Length Interlink Leggings does not have too many colour options (just Black and Coral Berry) but is highly suited for workouts. It will only set you back by $21 to get your hands on these squat-proof pairs – that use interlinking fabric made of polyester and spandex to make it so. They are highly sweat-absorbent while also being durable and comfortable. The high-waist band is agreeable on the skin and the product has a positive rating of 4.5 stars from over 2k ratings. While the colour choices may be limited, the sizes available are from XS to XL. 

Check it out on Amazon here!


The Women Yoga Leggings Tummy Control 3.5-Inch Waist by Queenieke has a high-waist band and comes in 22 different shades and patterns, priced at just $20. It also comes in an XXL size that is uncommon in other brands. The leggings are comfortable for indoor and outdoor use, however, it is not squat-proof. It absorbs sweat quite well and also has a pocket that would even fit a medium-sized phone. A mix of spandex and polyester, the product is durable and will last for a long while. The tummy control mentioned in the title highlights the special sculpting that the manufacturer has used for these pairs.

Check it out on Amazon here!


While most of the other replicators are influenced by the Wunder Under designs, the Colorfulkoala’s Women’s High Waisted Pattern Leggings Full-length Yoga Pants are a blend of Wunder Under and Align designs. It is designed for yoga, and is hence squat-proof and also sweat absorbent. They’re a best-seller on Amazon and rated 4.5 stars from almost 30k ratings. You can choose from 27 colours or patterns and the prices range only between $16 to $30. The compression feels perfect along the legs and it also has a pocket like other leggings. The fabric is made of polyester and spandex as well. 

Check it out on Amazon here!

Lulu Lemon Original vs Dupes – What’re the differences? 

Luckily, there’s not too much that goes into the production of leggings. The processes followed in manufacturing a lululemon pair of leggings doesn’t differ too much from other regular brands in the market. The top reasons behind lululemon leggings being more expensive are due to the brand value and the use of higher quality materials. For instance, lululemon uses the more expensive Lycra in its leggings whereas other brands use spandex, along with a mix of polyester material. They both have stretchy capabilities; however, Lycra is a material that provides greater durability and comfort than its cheaper alternatives. Although Lycra is a type of spandex, it is often referred to as a different material due to its properties!

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To add more about the brand value, lululemon has invested countless manhours in designing and developing the perfect apparel in terms of durability, usage, fit, comfort and looks. While the actual cost of producing an article may be low, what occurs behind the scenes also plays a role in retail pricing. Although the higher prices of lululemon leggings may be justifiable, the alternatives we have listed are easy on those of us who are running on tighter budgets. Moreover, they are also good quality products that are capable of satisfying their customer base. 

Are lululemon legging dupes of good quality?

Dupes of top brands like lululemon still use premium materials and can be considered as good options. Replicas also have sweat-absorbing properties and come in all sizes and patterns or colours, making them good choices for workouts and casual use as well.

How much do lululemon legging dupes cost? 

Lululemon legging knockoffs can cost anywhere between $20-35, but it would rarely set you back by any more than that. The pricing may vary within a range depending on colours or patterns and sizes chosen. Certain dupes may cost slightly higher if they are of superior quality. 

What leggings are most similar to lululemon?

Most legging brands do not advertise to be similar to lululemon or being knockoffs, so it takes consumers and fashion enthusiasts to identify them and share them on social media. Some of the brands selling leggings similar to lululemon are CRZ Yoga, Queenieke, Aoxjox, 90 Degree, Colorfulkoala, Zella, Yogalicious, Fabletics and Alo Yoga.