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Corporate History – Dorothy Perkins Timeline

dorothy perkins timeline


The company was first incorporated as H.P Newman Limited. It first started selling ladies hosiery and innerwear.


The company changed its trading name to ‘Dorothy Perkins’. The name is taken from a type of rose and was suggested by the wife of one of the company directors. Dorothy Perkins boutique was operating out of 12 shops.

In this time, Dorothy Perkins managed to establish themselves as a budget-friendly clothing brand by selling their blouses for 25 pence (five shilling at that time) each.


The company now had 75 shops, another name change this time to ‘Dorothy Perkins Limited’. With the growing influence of Hollywood, the store started incorporating glamorous floor-length dresses inspired by the starlets of the time.


This year saw the opening of the 250th Dorothy Perkins shop. Cash registers were also introduced into all stores. The staff also saw expansion. At this time, Dorothy Perkins City Stores started catering to teenagers.


Dorothy Perkins opened its first store on Oxford Street, London. Previously their brick-and-mortar stores were limited to Kensington High Street.


Now standing at 242 stores Dorothy Perkins shops were taken over by The Burton Group.


The ‘Secrets’ lingerie, tights and nightwear range was launched.


Dorothy Perkins introduced its own Account Card offering easier payments and incentives.


The Dorothy Perkins ‘Maternity’ range was launched into selected stores.


Helena Christensen was chosen as the face of Dorothy Perkins and a massive, no costs-barred advertising campaign was launched nationwide.


Yasmin Le Bon became the new Celebrity face of Dorothy Perkins.


Burton Group Plc became Arcadia Group Plc. The ‘petite’ range was introduced aimed at women under 5ft 3in and in sizes 6-18. Now there are also beauty products available.


The Dorothy Perkins online shopping facility was launched at, making the brand even more accessible.


A ‘tall’ range was launched for women 5ft 8in and over. There are also ranges introduced by the fashion retailer for menswear and children.


Philip Green, owner of Bhs purchased the Arcadia Group Plc. A turning point in the companies history.


The Dorothy Perkins 15,000ft flagship store of the parent company opened on London’s Oxford Street (at Bond Street tube station). There are also outlets in Kensington Street, Leeds, etc.


Today Dorothy Perkins has over 600 stores in the United Kingdom and 52 international outlets and branches in countries including Malaysia, Spain, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Turkey, and Singapore. It now produces clothing for multinational women.

Dorothy Perkins – Fashion Fast Forward (The Modern Dorothy Perkins Timeline)


Kim, Khole and Kourtney Kardashian chosen as the new face of Dorothy Perkins. It also has difficulty competing with rival group River Island Clothing Company Ltd.


At this point in the Dorothy Perkins timeline, the parent business Arcadia has made an attempt to cut down the staff due. This is to get financial incentives during the Covid period. Other retail companies under Arcadia like Topshop, have also laid off staff.

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FAQs about the Dorothy Perkins timeline

What is the Dorothy Perkins brand ranking?

In Britain, the Dorothy Perkins stores for women are ranked 31st in terms of popularity, and 8th in terms of fame.

Is Dorothy Perkins a real person?

The brand Dorothy Perkins is named after the type of rose, and not a person. However, the rose was named after Charles H. Perkins’, a prominent rose-grower’s granddaughter. So in a roundabout way, this famous clothes company is named after her.

When did Dorothy Perkins open?

The first Dorothy Perkins store opened in 1909.