What to wear to a music festival | 30 best music festival outfit ideas for girls

With these music festival outfit ideas for girls, you can look your stylish best at the music festivals like Coachella or burning man!

If you are going to music festivals, your hair and your outfit has to be on point and there is just no compromise on that.

A festival outfit just CANNOT be anything like your regular outfits and need to have a tasteful touch and bring out the fun you. For women, the choices are a myriad!

But the issue lies in how much the outfit compliments you and which one attracts your eye. We have a bunch of festival outfit ideas for girls which will help you get ready for the party. 

Music festival outfit ideas for girls 2021

Check out our list of the things to wear to a music festival below:

#1 – Snakeskin festival outfit ideas for girls

Snakeskin outfits, which are known for their intricate design and details, have a certain appeal to it. The most memorable snakeskin outfit was when Kim K wore only that. As shown in the pictures, you can wear it as the lower piece. 

But our favorite is when it is worn as a bodycon dress or rompers. It really brings out the party mood. If you are not comfortable wearing a breezy dress to a festival, then we suggest you go for the flared pants and spaghetti. Not only is this effortless and easy to wear, but you are also more likely to have more fun since it’s comfy. 

Here is one such bodycon snakeskin dress from Amazon that is perfect to wear for a festival. 

festival girls outfits

Try out these creative hairstyles to wear to a festival so that you can rock your entire look!

#2 – Smocked tube tops festival outfits for women 

smocked tops festival outfits
outfits for girls festivals
festival outfits for women

A smocked top can do any bottom justice. You can wear flared pants, a pair of ripped jeans, shorts or even a skirt and you will still look ready to party. The best part about wearing a smocked top is that it exhibits your structure and makes you look sexy all night. Trust us, it does wonders for your waist!

You can pair it with an oversized jacket or a long shrug and it will still look super cool. It’s what all the fashion bloggers are doing!

Wear boots or a shoe with it. We suggest you not to wear heels or gladiators with this as maintaining the smocked top itself can be a task and you don’t need the burden of a pair of heels! 

Here’s one from Amazon (commission) that we think will go great for the nights. 

festival outfits

#3 – Faux leather festival outfit ideas for girls 

leather outfits festival women
outfits festivals

Faux leather is one of the most sophisticated and looked upon styles that is out there. For coachella, this one could make heads turn. Whatever you pick to wear, faux leather will give it that festive and sultry look.

Many who choose to wear faux leather think that since it is made of leather, the prices will not be affordable, but here’s one from Amazon that will not drain your pockets. 

These are amazing for the rock and metal festivals like High Voltage Festival, Play Fest, and more.

festivals outfits

#4 – Bandana printed festival outfit ideas for girls 

bandana festivals outfits
festival bandana

Bandana printed outfits are probably the typical sight you’d see during a festival. Wearing anything bandana is a signature, party look. It brings out an ethnic and yet hippie look to it. The way we look at it, you don’t have to wear everything bandana from head to bottom. As long as you have that touch, your look is considered hippie and tropical. 

Our favorite look is the bandana blouse with leather pants. 

scarves festivals

#5 – Zebra printed festival outfits for girls 

printed festivals for women
skirts festivals

The zebra print is probably the oldest trend that is out there. Zebra printed skirts and tops are the most popular outfit idea that can be worn for Coachella this year.

Make sure that the outfit you’re wearing has a complimenting other half to make your entire look in sync. We promise you that opting for this look can make a huge difference in the way you look. Like a walking advertisement for style!

Check out this sexy zebra printed blouse from amazon that will look great for the party night. 

girls festivals outfits

#6 – Bike shorts festival outfit ideas for girls 

Bike shorts festival outfit ideas
festivals outfits
shorts festivals

If you are looking for something comfy and sexy, biker shorts come to your rescue. These two factors that are the most important to consider when you are getting ready for the concert.

Not only is it easy to purchase and low maintenance it is also super stylish. Style it with the right tops and upper wear and you will be set to embark on your fest night. These outfits will also keep you comfy during the nights.

These high waisted biker shorts from Amazon is exactly what you would need for a festival. 

festivals outfits girls

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#7 – Flared up jeans festival outfit for girls 

jeans festivals outfits
flared up jeans
latest jeans festival outfits
stylish outfits

Flared pants might be a retro trend but it is exactly what you need to wear to a festival. This has the perks of making you look ready to go out for the festival night.

Wearing jeans to a festival might seem weird. But these stylishly cut and flared trousers are the perfect outfit idea.

Make sure you pair it with a crop top or a super sexy blouse. For footwear you can wear high heels or gladiators. And when it comes to accessories, a chunky belt is all you need.

What to wear to a folk festival? If you’re going to a folk or indie music festival like the Boomtown Fair or Bunk Fest, this is a great music festival outfit inspo.

Check out these items from Amazon. 

stylish pants festival outfits

#8 – Bralettes festival outfit ideas for girls 

Bralettes festival outfit ideas

Wearing bralettes to a festival can be the best decision you make. With the right bottom you will have the perfect outfit to rock the night. What we love is pairing a glittery and bling bralette with ripped flared jeans. You can attain the perfect look! You can choose between backless bralettes and turtlenecks. 

festival outfit bralette

#9 – Fishnet stockings festival outfit for girls 

Fishnet stockings festival outfit
stockings festivals
festival outfits

Fishnet stockings are a great add on to your existing wardrobe that you have prepared for your festival night. It adds a very sultry and yet sophisticated look.

Mini skirts, biker shorts, ripped jeans and so many more that can be added to your festival look. Try to get the fishnet stockings with wide gaps as it will be more definitive. 

Oh and don’t forget to add matching makeup in the form of dark eyeliner, sultry lipsticks, and smokey eyes for the perfect grunge look.


#10 – Crop top  festival outfit ideas for girls 

Crop top  festival outfit ideas f
crop tops
crop tops festivals

Crop tops are something you would wear on a normal day. So how do you make this normalcy, something to make heads turn? It is all about what you pair it with. For festivals we would suggest you get semi short crop tops with ripped shorts. You can also pair it with faux leather jeans. 

We love a good printed crop top so here’s a few essentials from Amazon. 

crop tops festivals

#11 – Vintage shorts for festivals 

Vintage shorts for festivals

#12 – Boho outfits for festivals 

Vintage shorts for festivals

#13 – Mesh festival outfit ideas 

boho festiavl ideas

#14 – Fringe festival festival fashion trends 2021

Fringe festival outfit ideas

#15 – Bling festival outfit for women 

Fringe festival outfit ideas

#16 – Long tees outfit for women 

Long tees outfit

#17 – Multicolour two piece outfit for girls 

Multicolour two piece outfit

#18 – Maxi dress festival outfit 

Maxi dress festival outfit

#19 – Desert walker dress to beat the heat

desert walker

This is one music festival outfit plus size people can also don without a second thought. It doesn’t have to be an actual desert, the Desert Fest in London is a great occasion to wear this.

#20 – Floss pants for festival 

floss pants for festival

#21 – Gag Mesh festival outfit for girls 

gag mesh top

#22 – Transparent glitter outfit ideas for girls 

glitter festival outfit

#23 – Shiny Tessels Festival outfit ideas for girls

shiny tessels

#24 – Short and cropped coachella outfits

short cropped outfit for festival

#25 – Queen’s holographic wings festival outfit ideas plus size

holographic festival outfit

#26 – Turtleneck transparent shimmer festival dress for ladies 

turtle neck shimmer

#27 – Oversized slip festival outfit for girls 

oversized slip

#28 – Rainbow colored bralette 

rainbow bralette

#29 – Denim outfit set for festival 

denim festival outfit

#30 – Lucid V neck top 

lucid v neck

Dressing up for a festival takes a lot of thought and requires certain aspects to be considered. We hope the lists that we have curated for you gives you the best ideas for festival outfits for girls. Oh, and don’t forget to your swimsuits to hit the beach later.

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