What to wear to a festival for guys? 12 best festival outfit ideas!

Festivals are something we look forward to every year – the music, fun, and loads of friends around… but what to wear to a festival for guys remains the eternal question!

Whether you are attending coachella for the first time or you do it every year, there are always a few days you spend wondering what to wear. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the best tips and suggestions on what guys can wear to a festival: 

First, let’s start with some basic tips and ground rules that we need to establish before we begin:

Men’s Fashion -What to wear to a festival for guys in 2021

Men’s Festival Outfits
Boho Patterned Tees
Flowy Shirts
Basic T-Shirts
Tank Tops
Drawstring Pants
Printed Sneakers
Mirrored Sunglasses
Beaded Bracelets

Clothes – Flowy Shirts In Linen And Cotton  

Summer time is when most music events happen. It’s hot and humid, and with the large crowds of people, it gets even warmer. Keep yourself cool with breathable fabrics like cotton. Wear these with the buttons undone for an uber-cool look. Choose colours that you think might work well, be it pastels or vibrant. It’s a festival, go nuts!

Pairing these shirts with jeans is a good idea. It’s a versatile look. Otherwise, if you want to try out something different, pair them with patterned pants that are loose. These shirts are also easy to accessorise with some funky sunglasses and cool jewellery. 

This seller has plenty of colours for you to choose from:

Clothes – Boho or patterned tops

Festivals are the time to go Johnny Depp style with Boho shirts and tops. Matching them with hippie jewellery and other accessories are in tune with the vibe of the place. Pick whatever pattern appeals to you, be it florals or indie patterns or mandalas, boho is in. These shirts can be paired with jeans, which is the easiest. You could also wear them with loose drawstring pants or cotton trousers and keep it cool in the heat. 

Here are some boho shirts and tops you could check out:

Here’s some jewellery to go with it:

T-Shirts – The basic black or white tee festival outfit for guys 

While it is true that you cannot ever go wrong with the basics, you might think about moving away from these since they are, well, basic. But, don’t overlook these simple black tees as these are great to pull off a “summer” look. (Also, you cannot deny the fact that these are the most comfortable clothes to live in!)

Wear a basic white or black tee with jeans and shoes, spice up the outfit with some accessories and you are good to go with your festival look. 

Clothes – Tank tops to wear for festival for guys 

Tank tops are kind of a festival staple with most guys and why not? They are perfect for the heat, can be worn with just about any kind of bottoms, and perfect to show off the bod you’ve been working on all year long. Wrap a shirt around your waist or carry one around in your bag just in case it gets a little chilly in the evenings. 

Clothes – Denim festival wear for guys 

Denim is another staple and an item that is always welcome at festivals. Be it trousers or shorts, shirts or jackets, denim is something you should never overlook when you are putting your outfits together.

Needless to mention, denim is also comfortable, and if it is something you have already broken into, you just know how it fits, and the denim clothing knows your body. Oh, here’s another advantage – you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or muddy cos you can just chuck into the washer after the festival and it’s going out looking as good as new!

If you want to stay trendy, wear ripped jeans or ripped denim shorts. These are the rage right now and you’ll find plenty of people pairing these with shirts, tees and tank tops. You can carry a light denim jacket on you for the nights that might get a bit colder as well.

Pick up some of these options in denim to get ready for the next festival:

Clothes – Drawstring pants festival wear for guys 

These are my favourite after denim, for a festival. Loose drawstring pants in any fabric is a sure shot hit as it checks all the boxes. They are very sweat-friendly and I say it like that cos no matter how hot it gets, you will be able to move around freely without restrictions or the fabric getting tighter and sticking to your body. They are definitely breathable.

Secondly, I love these cos these can be worn with shirts, tee shirts or loose boho tops. You can get drawstring pants in plain colours or if you like, in some really nice patterns. Whatever you choose to get them in, this is highly recommended for a guy to wear to a festival.

Choose some of these drawstring pants to prep for the upcoming festival season:

Clothes – Shorts to wear to a festival for guys 

Shorts are perfect for the summer, unexpected spilt drinks, mud and dust, dirt and sweat. Shorts are also great as you can pair them with just about any top or shirt and you can be comfortable throughout the festival. 

Keep them plain or experiment with some vibrant colours. You could also choose patterned or floral shorts, after all, it is a festival!

Choose shorts in cotton as the fabric keeps you breathing through the hot day. Pair them with any of the options given to you for a top and you are good to know. Shorts are easy to be paired with footwear as well and these are certainly something you must consider. 

Here are some pretty cool shorts you could check out, apt for the next festival:

This one is available in several colours:

You cannot go to a festival without accessorising the right way. Festivals are where you can wear some or all of your accessories and pull off the look. Having said that, here are some festival essentials for guys:

Shoes to wear to a festival for guys

Wear comfortable loafers or slip-on, something that you can stand and walk in all-day

Here is a funky one that will complete your creative festival look and make you look more fun. 

Hats to wear to a music festival for guys

Wear a boxy or bucket hat. It not keeps out the sun but gives you a cool festival vibe

This one from bamrah has a particular aesthetic of its own and flaunts authenticity and class with its strong leather. 

It is a bit expensive but worth the addition to your creative festive look. 

Sunglasses to wear to a festival for guys

You may skip the hat but you simply cannot skip the sunglasses. You gotta wear a good one, for which you start the hunt a few weeks in advance. Everybody at festivals wears sunglasses, that’s the done thing!

This unisex goggles from Rayban is the perfect addition if you are wearing something casual. It exudes the cool factor and a dash of sophistication. 

Accessories to wear to a festival for guys

How you want to do this is up to you. Whether you want to wear one statement piece or multiple hippies style jewellery, make sure you know the look you are going for before you decide what you want to wear. Maybe just stay away from bling, though

This charm bracelet from Tree of life can give ultimate goals for someone who wants to appear cool and exotic at the same time. Get your hands on these while their prices are ideal!

Accessories – Scarves and Bandanas to wear to a festival for guys

These are sort of festival must-wears but you can skip them if you have other accessories. If you do choose to accessorize with a bandana, make sure it goes with the rest of your look

How should I dress for a music festival?

As much as festivals are super fun, they can also get you real sweaty, dirty and muddy. This is an event for which you don’t want to be wearing your best clothing or those $1000 shoes you bought from a high street designer on your trip to Paris. It can be tempting to wear those special clothes and shoes, cos, let’s face it, festivals are the socialising event of the year. Also, keep in mind, festivals are the hotbed for spilt drinks and food.

Tip number 1: No special, delicate or expensive clothes. 

Tip Number 2: “Comfort” should be your priority. It might seem like a no-brainer, but believe me, when the festival season is close, we find a lot of guys showing up with tight clothing that doesn’t allow much movement and struggling through the day. Wear something that you know you will be comfortable in, be it loose trousers or denim shorts and loose cotton shirts. 

Here comes tip number 3: Go ahead and get those boho shirts and trousers and hats that you have stashed away as you can definitely fit in with those at a festival.

Planning a wardrobe and dressing for a festival can be a little intimidating and stressful but I hope the above suggestions made it easier. It all comes down to just two things you should keep in mind: wear what you are comfortable in and just focus on having fun!

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